1. To develop and disseminate higher human education, to promote and to propagate moral values and to bring about spiritual awakening among the people.
  2. To provide non-profit, non-sectarian charitable forum for dissemination of social, moral, ethical, spiritual values for all sections of society without any distinction of caste, colour, community, religion or sex.
  3. To provide help and succour to the victims of man-made or natural calamities.
  4. To evolve, propagate & promote experience-oriented scientific, yogic techniques, practices, principles founded on self-enquiry, to instil sweetness of temper, light of wisdom and purity of soul, to evolve into cosmic consciousness and to attain egoless existence as a means to self-realization.
  5. To undertake other charitable tasks for the advancement of all sections of society specially the down-trodden depressed and needy by setting up and running dispensaries, hospitals, medical camps, free libraries, schools and colleges.
  6. To provide financial aids to sick, poor, destitute, widows, orphans, old age people etc. and to pay stipends, scholarships to deserving students and to meet their requirements of food, clothing, shelter, books and note books etc.
  7. To organize seminars, discussions, discourses, satsangs, lectures, public meetings, yoga and meditation classes and camps etc. To undertake experiments in creative intelligence in order to develop and disseminate rational and scientific system of inner discipline for all to attain higher level of super consciousness.


    1. Monthly satsang is held on the last Sunday of every month at Guru Kutir 12, CHARING CROSS, DAGHSHAI, DISTT. SOLAN.
    2. Satsangs are arranged throughout India and abroad on the demand of devotees.
    3. Yoga-meditation four days camps are held periodically in the country and abroad.
    4. Free food and shelter are provided by the Trust at the time of satsangs, lectures other spiritual and meditational congregations which are directly conducted by His Holliness Hazoor Vijay Dayal Shoonyo Ji Maharaj
    5. A bi-monthly magazine “SCIENCE DIVINE” (Science of Holistic Living) is published by the trust for the spiritual advancement of mankind.
    6. A charitable Dispensary is being run in the premises of the Manavta Mandir and three doctors are looking after the patients and free medicines and consultation is provided to the needy and poor people without any discrimination. In near future free dental and eye care facilities will be available with the blessings of Hazoor Shoonyo Ji Maharaj, who has completely dedicated his life for the people and is spreading Manavta Mission throughout the world.
    7. Main congregations are held at Manavta Mandir, Sector 28, Panchkula, Ram Garh, periodically on Baisakhi day and to celebrate Birthdays of Saints.


Opening of free hospitals, human-care centres, more satsang centres Aid and Assistance Centres are among the several proposed projects.